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Carl Martin DC Drive

Carl Martin DC Drive

Product Code: 453219

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: Carl Martin
Model No.: DC Drive
Type: Effects pedals
Effect: Overdrive

We have given the Vintage Series a face lift! A new, fresh, anodized pedal designed for a smaller pedal board footprint, with all the same great tones.

The DC Drive, with it's killer Overdrive.
Just like Carl, this pedal has a few tricks up its sleeve. Besides the typical Level, Tone and Drive knobs which obviously control the volume of the signal, the tone (hmmm, which knob?) and the amount of overdrive, Carl has smartly added a Regular/Fat switch.not so typical.

In Regular mode, the drive is crisp and clear, suitable for anything that calls for old-school drive, switch over to Fat and the drive gets thicker with a lot more gain, much more modern.
The pedal can be powered by a regulated power supply like the Carl Martin ProPower V2.
This is the go to overdrive pedal for Jason the shop manager!!

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