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Electro- Harmonix Octavix Octave Fuzz

Product Code: 677842

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: Electro Harmonix
Model No.: Octavix
Type: Guitar
Effect: Octave Fuzz

In true Electro- Harmonix style this is a classic-sounding pedal with a few updated features that really set it apart from the competition.
Octave-up fuzzes rarely have a control to set the level of the octave (which this one has) but the real game changer is the voltage switch. Flicking the pedal to run at 24V (don't worry, you can still use your regular old 9V adaptor!) gives a huge amount more headroom and removes the "sag" from the signal.
As with all octave fuzzes, this works best using the neck pickup and playing around the 12th fret.

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