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JSA Effects Dumblemore

Product Code: 163853

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: JSA Effects
Type: Guitar
Effect: Overdrive

JSA Effects
"Madman with a soldering iron"

Hand built in Derby by the very man who designs them, JSA Effects are boutique built with high quality (often very rare) components and a super-nerd level of attention to detail.

For those not in the know, Dumble amplifiers are the most expensive, most revered hand-built, boutique amps on the planet with second-hand units reaching $70,000 - £150,000.
How nice would it be to get that tone in a pedal? Here is what the self-professed "madman with a soldering iron" has to say about the Dumblemore:

"Dumblemore" - the finest Dumble-in-a-box ever created ever

Over the years I, like many guitarists before me, have sought one thing, and one thing only; the elusive "Dumble tone" at a fraction of the price. So, after spending three months rent on every D-style pedal I could find, I locked myself & my cat away in my tiny music room with nothing but a soldering iron, John Mayer's back catalogue, and my ears, and when I finally emerged, I had created this; the "Dumblemore"! The BEST Dumble-in-a-box pedal ever to have existed ever!

Now, whilst I have never, and probably will never, play a genuine dumble amp, I can confirm with absolute certainty that the "Dumblemore" sounds EXACTLY like every dumble amp ever made......or maybe it sounds like none of them.....or maybe it sounds exactly like the one that guy uses, but not the one that other guy uses.....or maybe it does sound like the one the other guy uses, but not the one that guy uses. Either way, it's a perfect Dumble-in-a-box.

Hand crafted from the finest audio grade components, with true bypass switching, top mounted jacks, NOS MA150 diodes, and a hint of madness thrown in, the "Dumblemore" goes from clean, chimey, *insert buzzword here* low gain boost tones, to a crunchy, solid, *whatever buzzwords you find enticing here* medium gain tone.

To save time, here's the answer to so common questions;
"Is there a demo anywhere?" - no. If you need to hear a demo of this pedal, it is not meant for you.
"Is it just a tube screamer claiming to be a Dumble?" HOW DARE YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, SOME KIND OF HACK!?! It's only BASICALLY a tube screamer!
"What op amp does it use?" None; it uses NINE transistors
"What's different about the larger & smaller model?" the size, the knobs, and the price; the smaller version listed here is a more pedalboard friendly 1590bs, and that combined with the more standard MXR style knobs reduces the build cost, meaning the final price is also lower.

It also includes a "Deluminator" circuit, carefully crafted to allow you to adjust the brightness of the white led (again, chosen for maximum tone)
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