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JSA Effects FET Breaker

Product Code: 314253

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: JSA Effects
Type: Guitar
Effect: Overdrive
Condtion: New

JSA Effects
"Madman with a soldering iron"

Hand built in Derby by the very man who designs them, JSA Effects are boutique built with high quality (often very rare) components and a super-nerd level of attention to detail.

This FET Breaker was inspirated an old, much loved and much copied design but, internally and sonically, is very different. Using Schottky diodes and MOSFET transistors wired as diodes (just a little info for the nerds, there...) JSA Effects has created a versatile overdrive that can sound like a warm amp with the gain control below 12 o'clock right up to a violent Joey Ramone tone when you turn up the gain and tone controls!
While almost all pedals can sound great on a good amp, we tried this one out (just for fun) on a pretty shonky old solid-state amp and it sounded incredible! This is a shop favourite.
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