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JSA Effects Lamp Lighter

Product Code: 321093

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: JSA Effects
Model No.: Lamp Lighter
Type: Guitar
Effect: Overdrive

JSA Effects
"Madman with a soldering iron"

Hand built in Derby by the very man who designs them, JSA Effects are boutique built with high quality (often very rare) components and a super-nerd level of attention to detail.

The Lamp Lighter was inspired by a classic overdrive design and the thought of "What happens if..?"
The circuit in question is famous and very often modded to make Tubes Scream in a slightly different way. Here, a bass control has been added along with a switch to change the arrangement of the clipping diodes (middle setting is NO diodes and most people's favourite setting!). In addition to this, the "tone" control uses the correct W taper pot, giving you a nice smooth sweep, rather than a lot of clones that use a Linear pot and causes all the tone changes to happen at the very ends of the sweep.
This type of circuit is always best used pushing an amp on-the-edge-of-breakup and the fact this pedal has an internal circuit changing the input standard 9V up to 27V helps to give this pedal a colossal output level!
  • £120.00