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JSA Effects Ratbert

Product Code: 667678

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: JSA Effects
Type: Guitar
Effect: Distortion

JSA Effects
"Madman with a soldering iron"

Hand built in Derby by the very man who designs them, JSA Effects are boutique built with high quality (often very rare) components and a super-nerd level of attention to detail.

Inspired by one of the most famous and revered circuits ever (originally released in 1978; the name should give it away!), the Ratbert tweaks the original circuit just a little but adds in true bypass.
Where you will notice differences to the 1978 design is that the tone control works in the right direction and this pedal is SO MUCH LOUDER. The standard 9V input is internally converted to 27V for outrageous headroom and there is a subtle change to the gain range as well as this pedal actually cleans up much more than the one that inspired it!
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