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MXR Carbon Copy

Product Code: 117957

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: MXR
Type: Guitar
Effect: Delay
Condtion: New

This revered company may be a new name to you but we guarantee you've heard them being used on some of the most famous recordings ever made...
The Carbon Copy is a lot more versatile than it may seem from the outside. Here's what MXR have to tell us about it:
"Go from crisp "bathroom" slap echoes to epic, Gilmouresque delays with the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Featuring 600ms of delay time with optional modulation and a three-knob layout that controls Delay, Mix, and Regen. In addition, there are two internal trim pots that offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options."

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