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Rockboard LED Dampers (Large) Pack of 5

Rockboard LED Dampers (Large) Pack of 5

Product Code: 990570

Product Tags: Effects, Effects Pedals
Brand: Rockboard
Type: Accessories
Effect: Pedal Board

Why do effects manufacturers love extrememly bright LEDs? You can stick some masking tape over it, you can go in and start soldering or you can pick up a set of these handy miniature space igloos. Read on to

The RockBoard LED Dampers are defractive caps for LEDs that will dampen the glare of bright LEDs on your pedals. The specially designed matte defractive dome structure defracts the light of LEDs, so the pedal's status is still clearly visible in broad daylight as well as in the dark. The LED Dampers use a high quality self-adhesive so they stay in place but can easily be removed without residue.

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