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Pre-owned Barnes & Mullins "Perfect" Irish Tenor Banjo

Product Code: P0141852

Product Tags: Folk, Banjos
Brand: Barnes & Mullins,
Type: Closed Back

A pre-owned instrument, this Irish Tenor banjo has a shorter scale length than most tenor banjos. It is in very good condition and even comes with a gig-bag!

Here's what Barnes & Mullins have to say about their instrument:

"This B&M Perfect Irish-Gaelic 4-string banjo features 17 frets and is commonly tuned in #Irish tuning# G,D,A,E (4th to 1st). Its shorter scale length makes playing typically fast Irish fiddle styles and songs easier, therefore making its use more common among these types of music and musicians.

It makes for an excellent introductory instrument if you#re new to the world of banjos given its use of fewer strings than 5-string banjos, its shorter scale length, and its versatile playing styles."
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