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Eastman Romeo LA

Product Code: 053774

Product Tags: Guitars, Jazz Guitars
Brand: Eastman
Type: Hollow Body
Strings: 6
Colour: Celestine Blue
Pickup: P90

"What light through yonder window breaks? It is the Eastman and Juliet is the sun."

This Eastman Romeo is typical of their design ethos - elegant lines, high-quality components, superb build quality and a few subtle aesthetic details which may not be immediately apparent.

The pickups, while the size of humbuckers, are actually "Seymour Duncan Radiator Phat Cat P-90s" which have a wonderful combination of depth and clarity and look like toasters from the future!

The bridge, trem and tuners are made by a company called Göldo and allow smooth operation and solid tuning stability.

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