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Eastman SB55 DC/V

Product Code: 711579

Product Tags: Guitars, Electric Guitars
Brand: Eastman
Model No.: SB55 DC/V,
Type: Solid Body
Bridge: Hardtail
Strings: 6
Colour: Antique Varnish
Condtion: New

A cap-less one-piece Okoume mahogany solid body delivers a lightweight playing experience without sacrificing an ounce of tone.

The Antique Varnish finish found on both the SB55/v-SB and SB55DC/v brings the guitars# visual and tonal beauty to the forefront.

Our Antique Varnish finish is smoother than lacquer, with the thinner layer of varnish from our violin shop allowing for a fuller, more wide-open resonant sound that gives these instruments a truly unique voice.
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