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Eastman SB59 Sunburst

Product Code: 632586

Product Tags: Guitars, Electric Guitars
Brand: Eastman
Orientation: Right Handed
Model No.: SB59 SB
Type: Solid Body
Bridge: Hardtail
Strings: 6
Colour: Sunburst
Condtion: New

Eastman guitars are one of our favourite brands here at Foulds Guitars. While they design many guitars from scratch with innovative and eye-catching flair, some of their instruments are obvious tips-of-the-hat to classic guitars. The quality of these guitars really has to be played to be believed and we will happily stick our necks out and say they are up there with (and often surpass) their inspirations!
The influence of a certain Long-Playing guitar on the Eastman SB59 is undeniable. If you are in the market for a guitar of this style, you must try an Eastman: quality hardware, excellent craftsmanship, phenomenal tone and, of course, Foulds Guitars are happy to set up the guitars to your exact spec. Although they usually play perfectly right out of the (included) hardcase!

Here at Foulds Guitars, we check every instrument when it comes into our store; all guitars are professionally set-up prior to going on sale. We offer this service free of charge for every instrument.

All new products come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty by default.
Some manufactures may offer extended warranties with registration or payment.

Our used products carry a 3 month parts and labour warranty provided by Foulds Guitars.

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