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Ozark 3515 Resonator Guitar

Product Code: 770190

Product Tags: Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Brand: Ozark
Model No.: 3515
Type: Acoustic
Body Size: Resonator
Strings: 6
Colour: Sunburst

Who stuck a colander on that guitar?

Before the advent of the electric guitar, many ideas were developed to increase the volume of the acoustic guitar. The "resonator" is a mechanical loudspeaker built into the body of the guitar.

Here's what Ozark have to say about this 3515:

This Ozark 'spider' wood body resonator has classic looks with a deep rich sound. Its spruce top in a sunburst finish is complemented by mahogany back and sides and covered round soundholes. This is a good quality reasonably priced resonator guitar with quality chrome fittings and a comfortable neck. The spider resonator, which was made famous by the Dobro Manufacturing Company, is so called for its eight-legged aluminium #spider# sitting on an inverted cone. The Ozark wood body resonator is typical of this type of guitar, producing an iconic sound for bluegrass and folk music, with a focused, louder tone. Ozark has a reputation for outstanding instruments whose materials and specification are of the highest standard. Ozark resonator guitars are designed to offer the best sound at a great value price.

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