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Pre-Owned Ibanez Artcore AF105-F-NT

Product Code: P0129603

Product Tags: Guitars, Jazz Guitars
Brand: Ibanez
Model No.: AF105-F-NT,
Type: Hollow Body
Strings: 6
Colour: Classic
Pickup: Floating Pickup

A pre-owned instrument, this Ibanez Artcore is in very good condition.
With all-maple construction and a metal bridge for greater intonation adjustment, this hollow body guitar naturally has a slightly brighter voice than most of its comtemporaries. But that's why it has a tone control!
Added to the fact that it is currently wearing a set of flatwounds, this guitar is capable of the bright, choppy tones and the more conventional warm jazz sounds as well.
The neck has a reassuring depth to it making it comfortable and easy to play.

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