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Vintage LV100 MRPGM Left-Handed "Distressed Lemon Drop"

Product Code: 561686

Product Tags: Guitars, Electric Guitars
Brand: Vintage
Orientation: Left Handed
Model No.: LV100MRPGM
Type: Solid Body
Bridge: Hardtail
Strings: 6
Colour: Distressed Lemon

Don't be fooled by the finish; this is a brand-new guitar!
This Vintage LV100 is intended to replicate the looks of a guitar that has been your best friend for decades, thrown in and out of vans, deterred stage-invaders and provided plenty of enjoyment.
But with modern playability and reliability!
The attention to detail on the "relic" treatment is nerd-level: they have even made it look like it has had replacement machine heads!
With the electronics designed to replicate the tones of a certain Green and a certain Moore, this is a fantastic blues and Vintage rock machine!

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