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Enya Nova UE Pro Tenor Black

Product Code: 761579

Product Tags: Ukuleles, Ukuleles
Brand: Enya
Type: Electro
Size: Tenor

This Nova series ukulele from Enya (no, not her...) doesn't just look like a spaceship; it's the most technologically advanced uke we have ever seen.
Made from carbon-fibre polycarbonate, this is an extremely stable and consistent instrument with a surprisingly warm sound. The extra "monitor" soundhole on the shoulder allows the performer to hear the uke a little clearer.

Here's the amazing bit:
The effects built in to the electronic system of this uke WORK WHEN IT'S NOT PLUGGED IN!

Charged from a USB connector, this uke gives you reverb, delay and chorus sounds when connected to an amplifier or even acoustically thanks to some very clever engineering...
It comes complete with a suitably high tech carry-case and a host of other goodies.

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